On-Farm Water Management Unit

The objectives of the On Farm Water Management Unit are:

  • To plan, direct and implement on-farm water management and drainage techniques by providing sound technical advice to the farming sector.
  • To assist farmers to improve their knowledge and income by the adaptation of suitable on farm irrigation systems through technology transfer.
  • To promote sustainable use of land and water resources through appropriate water management techniques.
  • To help farmers optimise the use of scarce water resources by helping them to improve their on-farm water use efficiency whilst improving productivity.


The Unit’s core functions include:

  • On-farm irrigation system designs and irrigation schedules.
  • Farm visits to do advisory work and/or collect field data.
  • Providing advice on the design and installation of minor irrigation systems.
  • Responding to request from farmers experiencing difficulties with their irrigation system or installing a new system.
  • Irrigation system monitoring and recommendations.
  • Managing activities at NIC’s demonstration plots at Hounslow and Braco, which are used for training farmers.
  • Assisting with monitoring of water quality in the irrigation schemes.
  • Inter-agency collaboration.
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