Suspension and Termination of Service


  1. If a customer does not take water for three billing periods without prior notice, the relevant contract will be suspended. Please note that this will have the benefit of freezing the accumulation of service charge on an account while preserving the contract status with the Commission.


  1. If at any time during the contract suspension period a customer receives water from the system, the application of the relevant Demand Charge on the account will automatically reinstate the contract into an active status thereby resuming the application of the Service Charge on that account.


  1. Customers who have not used water for twelve (12) consecutive months and who have responded in writing to our termination notice advising that they do not wish their contracts to be terminated as they intend to take water from us in the near future will be allowed to retain their contract for another twelve (12) months.All such customer contracts will retain their suspension status for the additional period of twelve (12) months if water is still not taken. In addition, the service charge will be applied for the first three (3) months of this additional period of inactivity and any other amount brought forward on account will still remain due and payable.If after this period of twelve (12) months the customer is still inactive the contract will be terminated and no further extension granted.


  1. A customer may at any time request for his/her water contract to be suspended or terminated.



A contract can be terminated voluntarily by a customer or by NIC.

  1. A customer can terminate his/her contract at any time by giving one (1) month notice.


  1. If a customer is inactive, that is, does not take water for twelve (12) consecutive months, the contract will be terminated by giving (1) month notice.The National Irrigation Commission Limited reserves the right to terminate the contract without notice to a violator of the irrigation system.


  1. Persons with terminated contracts who want irrigation service will be required to re-apply. He/She will be treated as a new customer.