Irrigation Commission Contributing to Development of Clarendon Youth

The National Irrigation Commission Limited (NIC) is mandated to provide irrigation services primarily to the agricultural sector which include industrial and commercial users through some of its systems.


In fulfilling its mandate, the NIC has partnered with the Ebony Park HEART Trust Academy in Toll Gate, Clarendon, and will provide water and other irrigation services to the institution.


Chairman of the National Irrigation Commission, Senator Aubyn Hill, last week toured the Ebony Park HEART Trust Academy to see first hand, the agricultural work being done at the institution.


Speaking at the ceremony, Hill stated that “the NIC recognises the importance of preparing youth for the future in a practical and meaningful way and believe that by participating in their development we are contributing to Jamaica’s growth and development”.


Hill highlighted the positive contributions the NIC continues to make, in education and agriculture in the parish of Clarendon.


“There are several pillars to this contribution; agriculture, tourism and crime reduction. When we put idle minds and hands to work, we are in fact taking youth off the street and offering them several possibilities for gainful employment,” said the senator.


The chairman further highlighted the work being done by the Academy to target unattached youths by encouraging them to take advantage of the free training programmes along with boarding being offered at the school.


The institution offers courses in Agriculture and Hospitality including General Agriculture; Agro Food Processing; Food and Beverage; Food and Beverage Supervision among others.


“The National Irrigation Commission’s role is to enable these innovative ideas to bear fruit by providing reliable and affordable water and other irrigation services in a professional manner,” Hill said, adding “The results of these investments will see more rounded and well-adjusted youth entering the job market.”


The National Irrigation Commission currently irrigates over 2,800 hectares of land in Clarendon which contributes to agricultural production in the parish.


Source: Loop News

Published: May 15, 2019


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