The Irrigation Act 1949

The Irrigation Act_Pedro Plains (Beacon Little Park) Irrigation Order, 2006

The Irrigation Act_Seven Rivers (Irrigation Area) Order, 2002

The Irrigation Act_The Irrigation Authorities (Vesting of Functions in the NIC) Order, 1990

The Irrigation Law_Hounslow (Irrigation Area) Order, 1968

The Irrigation Law_St. Dorothy Plain (Irrigation Area) (Amendment) Order, 1962

Mid Clarendon (Irrigation Area) Order 1950

Public Bodies Management and Accountability Act

The Hounslow Irrigation Area Amendment Order 1973

The Braco Irrigation Area Order 1983

The Yallahs Irrigation Area Order 1993

The Saint Dorothy Plain Irrigation Authority Establishment Order 1961

The Saint Dorothy Plain Irrigation Area Order 1956

Pedro Plains Beacon Little Park Irrigation Area Order 2013

New Forest Duff House Irrigation Area Order 2013