Jamaica is extremely vulnerable to drought, with February to March and July to August usually being our driest periods.  We therefore need to put plans in place to mitigate the possible effects of drought.

Crops: short-term intervention tips
  • Use mulch to conserve moisture in the soil
  • Control weeds as they compete for water
  • Irrigate early in the day to reduce evaporation
  • Hand water (use watering cans)
  • Plant seeds in trays instead of direct seeding
  • Improve crop portfolio mix by planting drought tolerant crops (e.g. cassava, pineapple, sweet potato, ginger)
  • Install temporary guttering systems to catch water from sporadic rainfall
Crops: medium to long-term intervention tips
  • Integrate rainwater harvesting facilities (e.g. concrete tanks, earthen reservoirs, micro dams)
  • Promote proper watershed management, including reforestation
  • Use more water trucks
Tips for livestock and fish
  • Store water for livestock consumption
  • Keep animals in shaded areas (animals demand less water when kept in a cool environment)
  • Allow animals to go out at night
  • Fish farmers should reduce stocking rate