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Our Farmer’s Corner gives you access to a wide variety of useful tools and resources as well as practical and sound technical advice to assist you in increasing your yield and being the most productive farmer.

Drought Tips

Jamaica is extremely vulnerable to drought with February to March and July to August usually being our driest periods.  We therefore need to put plans in place to mitigate the possible effects of drought.

Water-Use Efficiency

The ratio of volume of water retained to restore soil moisture in a crop’s rooting zone to field capacity, expressed as a percentage of the total volume of water applied.

Soil Moisture Testing

In farming, a proper balance of water is key. Too much water means the roots may rot, while too little will impair the movement of nutrients through the plant. Soil moisture testing helps to avoid both problems.

The Gravity Drip Irrigation System

The Gravity Drip System is an on-farm drip irrigation technique that relies on gravity to supply the energy/power it needs to operate. (i.e. no pump is used)