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Soil Moisture Testing

The feel method of soil moisture testing

By squeezing the soil between the thumb and forefinger, or squeezing the soil in the palm of the hand, a fairly accurate estimate of soil moisture can be determined.

Appearance of Soil By Field Capacity

Soil Moisture-100
Soil Moisture-100 2

100% Field Capacity

No free water appears. Ball is formed In Irrigation by squeezing a handful of soil very firmly with fingers. No free water should appear in soil but wet outline of ball is left on hand.

Soil Moisture-Above 2
Soil Moisture-Above

Above Field Capacity

Puddles and free water form on surface. Can squeeze out free water.

Soil Moisture-0
Soil Moisture-0 2

0% Field Capacity

Soil is powdery, dry, and sometimes slightly crusted but breaks down into a powdery condition. No ball can be formed when soil is squeezed.