The Gravity Drip Irrigation System

The Gravity Drip System is an on-farm drip irrigation technique that relies on gravity to supply the energy/power it needs to operate, i.e. no pump is used.

The gravity drip system may or may not be able to satisfy the optimum crop water requirement, however it is able to assist in the critical periods of a plant’s life. It not only increases yield but also improves the quality of the produce.

Advantages of the Gravity Drip System:

  • Highly efficient water use
  • Irrigation scheduling
  • Allows a simple fertilizer application to be administered through the system (fertilization)
  • Increased crop yield and quality through precise water and fertilizer application
  • High resistance to clogging
  • Durable, long life dripline
  • Easy installation, operation and maintenance

Specifications of a Gravity Drip System

  • Hydrological Drip Hose
  • Black Tank
  • Concrete Stand for tank

Crops that can be grown under the Gravity Drip System:

• Hot Pepper • Tomato
• Watermelon • Cantaloupe
• Cucumber • Cabbage
• Broccoli • Cauliflower
• Sweet Pepper • Corn
• Peanut • Pak Choy
• Onion • Lettuce