NIC brings improved water supply to Trelawny farmers

Some 130 farmers in Clarks Town, Trelawny and surrounding areas are to benefit from improved access to water as the National Irrigation Commission (NIC) has commissioned a new well to serve farming communities.

The farmers operate on lands leased from the Sugar Company of Jamaica (SCJ).

NIC official Wayne Barnett told a meeting with farmers in Clarks Town touted the facility.

“The well, with a production capacity of 9,000 gallons per minute, is now ready at the Clarks Town Ramp. This is a step in our effort to help farmers with much-needed water,” said Barnett.

Barnett further told the farmers that the water will be offered at a much cheaper rate.

“The water will be available at $99 per cubic metre. We are going further in providing help to you farmers. A 4,480 gallons water truck is being procured to reduce transportation cost,” Barnett added

Vincent Blair at SCJ welcomed the news.

“We have farmers who leased lands but have struggled to find water at a reasonable rate. They can now farm all year round even when the drought is on.”

Alwayne Henry is among the farmers pleased with the development.

“I now purchase water at an exorbitant rate to water my okra and scotch bonnet pepper. It is good news and will get even better when the truck arrives,” Henry told The Gleaner.

– Leon Jackson