Staff well-being critical to service delivery – NIC CEO

Contributed by the Jamaica Gleaner

Chief executive officer of the National Irrigation Commission (NIC), Joseph Gyles, has underscored the importance of staff well-being as critical to the quality of service delivery and maintaining excellent client relationships. Addressing Wednesday’s commissioning ceremony of its operating centre and Rio Cobre office at 15 Barrett Street, St Catherine, Gyles said;

“As we inaugurate this facility, I want us to reflect on this transformative power it holds for the NIC as we embark on major irrigation and expansion projects. This new office is not just a physical structure. It is a reflection of NIC’s values, our aspiration and our commitment to excellence. To staff members who occupy this building, let us use this space to innovate, collaborate and drive our organization. Today we affirm NIC’s commitment to deliver high-quality irrigation services, driven by competent staff, innovation and technology.

“It is said that employee experience equals customer experience. If we are not careful we oftentimes overlook our internal customers, this is our staff. We have the responsibility to ensure that our staff are tooled with the resources to provide our customers with excellent customer service, critical resource is provided safe, secure and comfortable working conditions. The commission has demanded a lot and we’ll be demanding much more and so we have no choice but ensure that staff are comfortable to provide quality service to our valued customers.”

Agriculture Minister Floyd Green, who delivered the main address, noted that in addition to the expanded office space from 98 square feet, the building now occupies 872 square feet spread over three floors and also has elevators to accommodate persons with disabilities.

“The reality is that we can’t build out and transform agriculture unless we are treating with the interest of the people who are driving that transformation. We have to ensure that our staff members are comfortable. So when we do things like ensuring that they have kitchenettes, when we do things like ensure that they don’t have to climb stairs, they have an elevator, we have to see it as part of our mission to ensure that our staff are motivated and comfortable to lead the transformation of agriculture.”