Water Projects in St. Elizabeth

A number of water- supply projects are currently being implemented in St Elizabeth, which will bring reliable supplies of potable water to communities.

This was disclosed by Minister Without Portfolio in the Ministry of Economic Growth and Job Creation, Dr Horace Chang.

Chang informed that the projects would benefit communities of Essex Valley, Black River, Luana, Middle Quarters, Santa Cruz, Hounslow, Parottee, Williamsfield, Barbery Hall, New Market and Treasure Beach.

He was speaking at the ground-breaking ceremony for the installation of 4.6 kilometres of pipeline on the Hounslow to Newell water-supply project in St Elizabeth recently.

“We are doing the Essex Valley irrigation system that will cost in the region of $2.5 million.  We would like to put in place a plan and a schedule of implementation to not only bring potable water to all of St. Elizabeth, but also irrigation water to all of the southern plains that require irrigation for production,” Chang said.

He added that bids to build the Nain relift station have been tendered and work will commence shortly.

“We are looking in the region of $90 million.  That project was advertised recently … and we are putting it on what we call a business-sensitive mode for procurement.  It will provide potable water for a large section of the Essex Valley, including Nain and coming all the way to Junction,” he said.

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